Greetings Friends, Family, Fellow Artists, and Future Readers!
I’m so excited to finally – really and truly – launch my new Blog!  A giant pile of Thank You’s need to go out to Artist Trust for creating such an excellent 2013 EDGE Professional Development Program for Literary Artists!  Drawing a group of enthusiastic, focused, and generous emerging literary artists into one place – and inviting in such lovely experts to guide us – is like adding a flame to perfectly dried tinder!
Below, you’ll note two questions.  The first reminds me, and my readers, that as I endeavor to give birth to my beloved characters; my flesh and blood children are also constantly bouncing and leaping toward their emerging adulthood…and keeping me plenty busy.  The second question, is self-explanatory.  This will be my regular format.  Today’s blog is below…

Q:  It’s 11:05am on Sunday, March 17th…and do I know where my children are?

A:  Not really…but that’s because Papa’s on duty!  Of course, I did leave them with plenty of chores, so they can earn some computer time later today.
Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?
A:  House Name, Book 3 of The House War series by Michele West…and Partials, by Dan Wells, who I saw recently at the University Bookstore on his Dark Days tour.  

So, why am I creating this blog, and what might you gain?  My answer is multi-fold.

  1. My primary goal is to create a “coffee-house” style environment where I can meet, casually or planned, with a wide variety of people who share everything from an interest in writing, to curiosity about my process, to a passion for activism, and all the little things in between!
  2. Of course, who wouldn’t love their own public bulletin board, where they can share their interests and discoveries with others?  I already live in a tightly knit island community awash in unique options for such connection, but now, I’d like to expand beyond my wave-washed beaches.
  3. Finally, I sincerely believe that the time for Action-Inspiring Eco-Fiction is NOW!, and I hope to contribute to the unstoppable growth of this deeply-needed genre.
And so, I invite you, my reader, to truly believe that – Yes! – you have much to offer; through your work, your play, your friendship, your viewpoint, and all else that you do.  Let no one convince you otherwise, for if they try to do so; I promise you, they are wrong.  Day after day…season by season…year upon year…you and your choices will forever matter.
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