Q:  It’s 9:30am and I’ve just come in from a walk…do I know where my children are?
A:  Yes.  Roman is at the kitchen counter, finishing his math…and Jordi is at the kitchen table, researching a report on beavers!   
Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?
A:  Two Old Women, by Velma Wallis.  I just learned that this book is one of those sleeper successes where it just keeps selling and selling and selling for years and years and years!  

Mother Nature’s version of an April Fool’s Joke:

I can’t believe it…I wake up to a mostly clear sky and yet…
soft white flakes are floating past my window…and landing all over the spring green grass!
After a bare sliver of a moment of disbelief, my eyes focus in and my brain kicks on…
Oh…wait.  Never mind.  It’s just plum blossoms being tossed about by the wind.
The best kind of snow to have…on April 1st.


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