Q:  It’s 4:11pm; do I know where my children are?
A:  Generally, yes.  Roman is prepping to assist a Parkour Kids 2 class (he teaches with Janine Cundy @ Parkour Visions).  Jordi is having computer fun time at the library, while recovering from a pulled tooth and filling at the dentist this morning! 
Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?
A:  Into the Forest, by Jean Hegland.
Camp NaNoWriMo has asked that we include a synopsis of our current project, and I find that every time I write what my book is about, it takes on a slightly different angle or slant. This doesn’t mean that I’m without a strong, central theme…rather, each opportunity to describe my story turns into an opportunity to explore what matters to me and, thus, but will end up in the final version. It’s like a self-research project!  
(as of today)
Teen girls aren’t always so nice. Of course, Jordan already knew that. Still, it stung just a bit more than usual, when they teased her for being an orphan. A fresh-faced, new to town, drowning on the inside, wishing she were dead like her beloved, strong, adventurous, and attentive Father…orphan. But, that was six years ago, and things are different now. On the brink of adulthood – as she prepares to exchange Spain’s parched Basque landscape for the lush foothills that surround California’s Stanford University – Jordan is more than ready for radical change. Just not the changes in store for her; which she’ll discover at death’s door on a fateful final trip into the Pyrenean mountain range.  What’s a girl to do, when the dead show up and demand a family reunion?