Q:  It’s 6:15pm…do I know where my children are?

A:  Yup!  Roman is working with Papa to test the outlets in the house, trying to set up a direct “wired” internet connection for their computer – wifi is way slow!  Jordi just finished dinner and is playing a LOL game with friends.
Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?
A:  Writing In Red by Anne Bishop.  Okay, so here’s a question.  I’m 40, and I’ve learned just how bad it can be to stay up reading all night long.  But, I do it occasionally.  So, if I don’t…does that mean a book hasn’t grabbed me?  Or that I’m growing up?  In this case…I am quite intrigued by Anne Bishop’s story…but it is in 3rd person.  From what I’ve read, there is general agreement that while 1st person can be more limiting – it is also more intimate.  Perhaps this is true, because while I’m super eager to get back to Writing In Red, I’m not losing sleep over it.  Interesting…
Beth Jusino…recommended!
I would like to share a reference.  As writers approach the diverse and growing options in publishing, there are so many details to understand!  We all want to feel like we’ve found the best option for our project.  As always, we can do this on our own…or turn to others for help.  Last Fall, I took a “Guide to Getting Published Class,” offered by a friend of mine.  Her name is Beth Jusino.
You can check out her new website at:  bethjusino.com
I actually met Beth through parkour…but that’s a story I’ll save for a conversation over a martini!  (smile)
Beth was an agent for five years in Colorado, until she grew tired of battling with Publishers over money.  What she does LOVE, however…and I can personally attest to this being true…is collaborating with authors!  So, when she and her husband moved to Seattle…she shifted into working as a Publishing Consultant.  

She is also Director of Marketing
for a Self-Publishing Author Services Company called:  The Editorial Department.
I plan to work with Beth this Fall.  She offers editing, marketing, production, and writing support for authors…helping them launch their publishing efforts, whether they plan to follow traditional routes or head into self-publishing.
Long story short…I recommend her for everyone who desires the help and support of someone with experience, a positive yet realistic attitude, and a creative knack for working within the challenging – and rapidly changing – world of modern publishing!
Write on!


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