Q:  It’s Sunday evening…do I know where my children are?

A:  Roman is in Colorado with me and Jordi is home with Papa – hopefully in bed!

Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?

A:  The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, by Charles De Lint.  I can’t recall who exactly recommended this novel to me, but it looks like a ton of fun and I’m looking forward to reading it with my kids!

In the spirit of using fiction to influence the world, what would you like to see in my novel, The Ghost Lords? As you know, my main goal is to create memorable characters who live in today’s world and model positive, engaged and action-oriented choices. Many of them also get to be paranormal…how fun is that? 

Imagine now, for a moment, that you are writing The Ghost Lords. That you get to choose why issues your protagonist grapples with? What drives your antagonist to terrible acts and how might he seek redemption? What issues and messages do you believe matter most, today…in 2016? Perhaps most importantly, what HOPE would you have offered to our younger generations, as they inherit all the troubles of the world?
As Al Gore said, in his documentary, The Inconvenient Truth, “many people jump straight from denial into despair.” Clearly, we need a better landing spot. Do you have ideas for how we can do that?
A great deal of research suggests that our species tends heavily toward “following.”  As in, following the example…following the trend…following the leader…following, following, following!  If this is so, then let us use this innate trait to our communal benefit and advantage!  If humans like to follow, let’s give them a cast of characters that are worthy of being followed!
We may not, as individuals, be able to
save the world, but by staying involved, 
we CAN be a part of the solution.
Your thoughts?