Q:  It’s Friday…do I know where my kids are?
A:  Yes!  Roman’s sitting in the sun (that’s a rare new treat here in the NW), and Jordi is playing League of Legends with his friend Morgan.  They are prepping for the C.A.T. and taking small breaks in between studying.
Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?
A:  The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, by Charles De Lint…is still there.  I am waiting for a great opportunity to dive into it…looks like so much fun!
Self-Descriptions…are a part of the professional writing life!
And so, we were asked to write about ourselves continuously during the Artist Trust EDGE Professional Development Program for Literary Artists.  At one point, thank goodness, we were asked to write about ourselves from another person’s point of view…which allows for a sense of brevity and self-deprication.  I was just going through my notes and found this:
    March Twisdale is a busy woman; too busy, some would say, and I couldn’t fault them for saying it.  The other day, I ran into a woman who had never met March…but knew her name.  
   The name.  Living on a small island can be like that, when you write as many letters to the editor as my friend March.  
   And yet, somehow, amid the whirl of projects and goals, commitments and activities; she always seems happy.  Not that easy to reach (and I can tell you, email far surpasses the phone – and don’t even bother leaving a voice mail!)…but, she always has time for a friendly chat or…even better…a walk and talk!  
   That’s assuming, of course, that you are lucky enough to catch her!
   Yes.  Multi-tasking.  That’s March.
Funny how well that person
seems to know me.
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