Q:  It’s Saturday…do I know where my kids are?
A:  Sort of.  I left Roman reading in bed; he slept in majorly and I think he’s on a growing spurt!  Jordi came into town with me and is visiting with friends at the Library.
Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?
A:  I don’t know…it’s scotchbroom blooming season, and that means we’re out making our property “yellow-free,” rather than reading books.  Ah, Scotchbroom…one more example of “unintended consequences.”
So…not to be dramatic or anything…but today, after a morning walk with my husband, it hit me that there are really only two choices in life.  
We can DO something about the world around us…or we can STEW about it.  
Can you think of any other options?  I can’t.  And it’s not about how you feel, either.  You can be happy, joyous, grateful, and smiling…or you can whine, cry, and despair.  But, in all cases…if we don’t share our thoughts and feelings with others…then we are simply stewing.  And as for the unhappy range of feelings…well, stewing on these can be a fast track to depression.
DO-ing, on the other hand, is all of those actions we take that are noticed by others.  From standing on a carton in the middle of town to Facebook, Blogs, protest marches, letters to powerful figures in society, conversations over coffee or on a bus…these are all actions.  Even whining, crying, and despairing becomes DO-ing, if others notice us while we’re doing it!  
And in that moment, we ARE changing the world around us.
So why stew?  The way I figure, if we’re going to spend our energy one way or the other…what good does it do us, to keep it all inside?  
Eventually, of course, we’ll die.  That, I guess, could be seen as the 3rd option in life.  But until then…it’s a pretty simple question.  
Will you DO or STEW?
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