Q:  It’s Monday, around 5:30pm…do I know where my Teen and Tween are?
A:  Yes!  They are both bouncing, flipping, jumping, leaping, and rolling around @ Parkour Visions!
Q:  What books are on my ping pong table?
A:  Still too many…LOL!
On the road to publishing…
People who do not work in the world of publishing keep asking me, “When will your book be published?”  After I laugh at myself for the wild road I’ve chosen…I eye them and say, “Well…”
So, here’s an explanation of how this process works…
(1)  I write my first draft.  It’s messy, incomplete, rough.
(2)  1st Rewrite.  Estimated to take 72 days; I have 45 more days to go.  
(3)  2nd Rewrite.  This one should take about 45 days total.
(4)  In October, hire my friend Beth Jusino who will help me polish my novel so that I can attract the right agent for my goals.
(5)  Hopefully, I’ll find that agent by mid-Winter.
(6)  THEN, if I’m lucky again (and if my work is good enough), my book will be picked up by one of the BIG Publishing Houses…and hopefully they will sign me for a 2 or 4 book deal!  
(7)  At that point, it will be about 18 months until the book will hit the shelves.
In order to increase my success and the reach of my work, I am focused on building both my “platform” and my “audience.”  I describe my platform as those activities which directly stem from my underlying mission…which is to inspire social change.  My audience is those who find me interesting enough to notice.  Grin.  
And so, here is what I’m doing:
       A.  Write an Actopian Novel that illuminates global concerns, offers characters who care
             and stay involved, and suggests that through individual action, we can improve life
             on earth.
       B.  Create a radio show called, Prose, Poetry & Purpose, where local and national 
             authors have a chance to discuss how they hope to impact the world through
             their art.  
       C.  Write a monthly series for The Loop which suggests new ways of viewing common
             problems we face in the world of personal and community health decisions.
       D.  Create a blog, Vaccinesandbeyond.blogspot.com which offers my articles 
             published in The Loop to more distant audiences along with additional articles 
             designed to inform and empower.
       E.  Utilize this blog, marchtwisdale.blogspot.com to share my journey, entice potential
             future readers, and hopefully begin to inspire others to believe that they, too, have
             the power to make the world a better place for all.
       F.  Support fellow artists who wish to inspire hope in the world, such as Cami Lundeen,
             through kickstarter support and also sharing her newly released song on my radio
       G.  Develop a strong Facebook Presence that aligns with my goals and actions.
       H.  Create an email list of friends, neighbors, community members, and fellow 
             professionals that is informative yet infrequent, so people who know me and care
             about my goals are kept up to date while not overwhelming their inboxes!
        I.   Participate in my island community, in ways which lead us to more informed and 
             empowered choices through awareness building and respectful conversation.
        J.  Participating in professional writer’s conferences and growing a network of 
             fellow literary artists, for support, inspiration, and education!  OH!  And I LOVE the
             ambiance and delightful skills of my fellow literary artists who read twice a month at 
             The Richard Hugo House…a salon, of sorts, full of inspiration and bright spirits.
Of course, in my spare time, I’ve got the Mama Chicken and her chicks scarfing watermelon in my living room, I’m growing a huge garden with two other families, raising a teen and a tween and educating them at home, remembering that I have a very supportive husband (wink!), chasing raccoons at 2am, and trying to get out into nature for a few hikes or bike rides!
But, hey…I’m not complaining.  My life is great!  I can only hope that my novel, The Ghost Lords, will be great, too!  
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