Dear Friends,

I am just emerging from the two weeks following my lovely week-long retreat at the Port Townsend Writer’s Conference.  Wow.  All I can say is, it was wonderful on so many levels!

Of course, on the eve of my return, my “almost 15 year old” made some decisions which required some pretty focused “trend reversal parenting,” and so…the last two weeks have been slammed!  Thankfully, in our family, this means being more in touch, important conversations (in stages over time, rather than all at once), and increased coordination with the parents of friends.  In other words, it’s not been bad.  Just packed.

So, where are we now?  I would like to give you a glimpse of what is coming down the pipeline (to use a hopefully soon to be outdated phrase), while also announcing that I will be taking the remainder of August off from blogging!  Once you see what I’m preparing for the Fall, you’ll understand why…

(1)  Prose, Poetry & Purpose Radio Show begins this September!  
The new (and totally awesome) website for Voice of Vashon, our local radio station, will be released, as well.  This month, I have four more interviews scheduled and I am learning how to “edit” the four interviews I already have recorded!  

(2)  Novel Rewrites!  
Myth-busting is a good thing, and I’m learning that most novels come with, oh…maybe 12 or 18 or 24 or 36 rewrites!  Not one or two.  Look for my “rewrite updates” as I plow forward.  

(3)  Vashon After The Change
What if, one morning, everyone on Vashon Island awoke to discover that the rest of the world had disappeared?  Literally…poof…gone!  What would happen next?  Curious?  Watch for my “Vashon After The Change” series beginning this September!

(4)  Professional Advice Matters
I am thrilled to announce that I am about to embark on the next step of my “professional development” plan, by stepping into a relationship with a professional “Publishing Consultant.”  I will share more in September, and I’m looking forward to having some deadlines in my life!  They make for great excuses with the kids…trust me!

Everyone!  Whatever you are doing to inspire social change in the world; know that you are appreciated, know that you matter, remember that you also need and deserve to take care of yourself, and have a great August!


“There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’.  There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.”
~ Arundhati Roy
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