Welcome to my Flash Fiction Series
“Vashon After the Change”
201 Writing Prompts in 201 weeks

The learning never ends, when one is a writer.  At the same time, writing is generally quite solitary.  To mix things up a bit, join me as I explore Brian Kiteley’s, The 3 a.m. Epiphany.  In particular, I hope to expand on my Vashon Change series which, through an Actopian Fiction model, explores the plausible consequences of sudden isolation on a community built upon global interdependence and macro-economics.  
Part writing exercise, part transition town re-skilling, part disaster preparedness…
How much inspiration can be packed into 750 words or less?

Want to join me?
We are all storytellers, whether we tell them to ourselves, 
our children, our friends, or simply dream them…
Ready, Set, Go!
Next week’s flash fiction vignette incorporates:  
The 3 a.m. Epiphany Writing Prompt # 1:  The Reluctant I
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