This was written by Álvaro Múnera, a repentant bullfighter.  For those who do not know, normally peaceful bulls are tormented, starved, drugged, and kept in darkness for days before being sent down a long corridor toward sunlight…into what they believe is their chance at freedom, where a well-orchestrated tradition of slow, painful death against overwhelming odds awaits.  Álvaro Múnera gives us a chance to stand in his shoes…to feel, so that we may learn, remember, and be forever changed.  
And suddenly, I looked at the bull.
He had this innocence
that all animals have in their eyes,
and he looked at me with this pleading.
It was like a cry for justice,
deep down inside of me.
I describe it as being like a prayer –
because if one confesses,
it is hoped, that one is forgiven.
I felt like the worst shit on earth.”
Have you ever had an experience that changed you forever?  One which you will remember until your last days?  One which you will share with your children?  Then write it down…and allow others to learn from your experience.  Let it be sad, make it humorous, or offer it as a mystery…but share.  That’s how humans learn.
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