“The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself but the ends you serve that are for all, in common, will take you into eternity.”

Two days ago, while riding my electric assist bicycle to go grocery shopping, I was thinking a bunch about my teenage son and his friends.  For some reason, the idea of “goals” kept popping into my head.  And, the idea of “purpose.”
It seemed to me, that they were different.  But how?  I thought back to how I feel when I have a “goal.”  Overwhelmed.  Tired.  In my head.  Judged.  Fear of failure.  Wow…that was interesting.
Then, I thought back to a time, when I had a purpose to what I was doing.  Energized.  Needed.  Focused.  Committed.  Motivated.  Wow…even more interesting!
What would my son think of this?  I wondered, as I pedaled along.  So, I asked him.  I didn’t tell him.  I didn’t explain or try to teach.  On our way to a rehearsal, I simply asked.
Me:  “Hey Roman.  I had an interesting thought the other day, and I’m wondering what you think.”
My son:  “About what?”
Me:  “About the difference between a goal and a purpose.  What do you think that is?”
Silence for a bit.  Then…
My son:  “Well, a purpose is what the world needs you for, and a goal is what you want for yourself.”
OMG.  Out of the mouth of teens…
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