To my loyal supporters who stop me in the grocery store, on the ferry, along the side of the road, or anywhere else we may meet…Thank You!  Your interest fuels my efforts!
(1)  I’ve not written a single sentence in my novel all week…due to massive time spent helping with Drama Dock’s upcoming production of CATS!  Fun, fun, fun!  Come see the LAST show to ever be performed in the High School Theater!
(2)  I might be freaking out about not getting any novel-writing time in…but I’m not…BECAUSE I leave on Monday (on a bus) for Canada where I’ll have a whole week alone…and I plan to revise 3 chapters a day!  I cannot BELIEVE I’m going to have 7 days to myself!!!!!!!  (yes, I just paused to jump up and down and squeal a few times!)  
(3)  Are you a writer?  Sitting for hours a day at a keyboard is brutal on the body, don’t you think?  Well…Bikram Yoga on the island has changed my life (along with mostly raw food and an electric bicycle)…and my body feels so much better!  If you want to be hot, flexible, strong, and sweaty (grin) during the cold & dark Winter Months…check it out!  GREAT community of women AND men!
(4)  On my writing retreat, I won’t be dealing with I-522 at all…so, as a last reminder to folks…please check out  My blog is designed to critically consider the issue of Food Labeling…offering something other than sound bites and repetitive campaign slogans…please share it with others who are looking for deeper insights into the issue…
We owe it to ourselves to really think this one through before voting…
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