“As long as you’re scared you’re on the plantation.”
― Cornel West

I just saw the movie, The Butler.  It is powerful.  I was kicking myself the whole time, because I’d left my boys home.  THEY need to see this movie!  And, once you see it…you’ll better understand why I chose this quote.
Now, think about your favorite heroines or heroes.  Did they let fear slow them down?  Did they choose the easy path and stay home?  Or, did they dive into the fray…risks and all…and somehow come out stronger and more self-content in the end?
There is a subtle guilt that we feel, when we know we could be doing more, we have the knowledge and the opportunity…but we don’t.  And then…we pick up a book and our favorite character is right there, laying her life on the line, taking life-altering risks, and we think…if only I could be like her!  Like him!
And.  You.  Know.  What?  It.  Will.  Probably.  Work.  Out.  For.  You.  Too.
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