Hello fellow writers and dear friends,

I can’t believe it’s already the end of my 2nd day here! Granted, I arrived around 6pm last night, but still. Whoosh! Time flies when you’re all alone with your novel. So, here’s where I’m at, as of 10:44pm!

Monday: (2 chapters revised)

  • Settle in, set up writing desk, explore local stores, come home with healthy food, finish up email so I can focus, find the local library, get exercise after 6 hours in a bus, watch a history show about the Moors in Spain (and take notes – as this is quite relevant to my novel), scan The Hunger Games for inspiration on shortness and “to the pointedness,” eat, take a bath, do some work to promote the passage of I-522, AND polish the new chapter 6 (which is comprised of the old chapter 6 & 7)
Tuesday: (3 chapters revised)
  • Long walk (truth is, I got lost…), buy more ambrosia apples and discover raw, organic pecans and cashews and Dagoba Chocolate Chips, revise old chapter 8 & 9 into a new chapter 7, take another walk (not get lost this time…), buy those yummy nuts and chocolate, scan the library but find nothing to check out (boo-hoo), revise old chapter 10 into a new chapter 8, work to promote the passage of I-522, work to promote increased awareness about community and personal health, and review my “bare bones” outline for my novel, The Ghost Lords!
Look for another update soon…or find me on facebook, where I post a bit more frequently!
And, if you’re wishing you could have a writing retreat yourself…don’t let go of that wish. As NaNoWriMo reminds us, the world is waiting for you to write your book. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of two writing retreats in one year…now look at me!
Happy Writing!