Personal health is a hot topic everywhere!  Consider your Thanksgiving company.  Grandparents are probably concerned about sodium and cholesterol.  Parents are concerned about their child’s sweet tooth.  Anyone with too much extra weight is concerned about whether their pants fit, their increased risk of cancer or diabetes, and a desire to just plain feel better.  All of us are concerned with the approach of Winter and the Flu & Cold season!  Will we wait to be victimized or build our health by choosing a clean, immune-boosting diet?
And, of course…the issue of GMOs being hidden from view on our grocery store shelves is already on everyone’s mind!
The Fact Is:
So, this Thanksgiving, as we all gather around the kitchen, we’ll have hours (and hours) to discuss our food choices in a gentle, listening, and respectful way.  In the spirit of “persistence and reaching out person to person,” let’s turn our holiday season into a health & awareness building season!  Healthy & Happy Go Together!
Top 5 reasons to label our food
(not in order of importance)

#1 Personal Health (see my next post for a short comment on this one)

#2 Farmer’s Rights (The Future of Food gives excellent examples of what’s been done to farmers here in North America…not to mention what’s happened to subsistence farmers in India)

#3 Environmental Impact of crops which are designed to withstand excessive amounts of dangerous chemicals and the potential for GMOs to contaminate long-existing natural varietals of plants

#4 The Free Market Concept is founded on the ability of citizens to vote every day with their grocery dollars.  Without this knowledge, we LOSE the foundation of the Free Market Concept.  Without labeling, the market cannot correct to reflect the desires of the consumer

#5 National Health Risks (consider that the top 5 GMO food crops are potatoes, corn, canola, soy, and sugar beets…and then consider the role these 5 crops play in America’s obesity, diabetes & heart disease epidemic…)

Consider Further #5:  When you stop to think about it (and ignore the manipulative advertisements) it quickly becomes obvious that rather than “saving us from starvation,” the companies promoting GMO Crops have, in fact, chosen the unhealthiest crops which are slowly killing us.

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