“We cannot do everything, but we can all do something.”

This is a great quote, but it carries an implication of singularity.  As if, once you’ve done “one” thing, then you’ve done “enough.”  Instead, I like to think in terms of habits.  I have a friend who is Catholic, and she will give up something every Lent.  Just for a month.  One year, it was coffee.  After Lent was over, she chose to return to enjoying coffee (which is fine), but it was a choice.  After a month, her body had adjusted to getting through the day without caffeine.  She could have stayed off, if she’d wanted.
Well, the same is true for most of our life choices.  I mean, seriously!  Imagine if every year or every season, you made a positive change in your life?  One which was that elusive “something” that we all can do…with the intention of keeping for the long term?
Maybe, for the Holidays, you decide to give up sugar; turning the Holidays into a health-building season, rather than a guilt-ridden orgy you’ll spend January-March recovering from?  Well, by January 1st, you’d have discovered the amazing flavors of all those foods that taste delicious when you eat them without sugar…and maybe you wouldn’t really want to go back?
Or, for the Summer, you decide to use the bus 3 times a week?  By the Fall, you’ll be enjoying reading a book so much that you’ll not want to get back behind the steering wheel!  OR, take the bus one day a week this season, two days a week next season, etc…
Long story short – never stop challenging yourself to do more for yourself, your community, and your world!  And neither will I.  I’ve got your back…will you have mine?
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