“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”
The greatest thing about quotes from decades or centuries past is that we realize we’re not dealing with new problems.  The worst thing is to realize that, thus far, many problems yet prevail.  Still, to give up is a 1,000 times worse than to join the journey toward a better world.  
And so, I suggest we take Henry’s comment here to heart and give it close consideration.  Imagine you were abducted by aliens and they said, “We don’t understand what is going wrong with your culture…please explain it to us.  Why are you such a mess?  And, what do you need to change, in order to improve things?” 
Take this scenario and write out a quick story about it!  
What do the aliens look like?  
Why are they here?  
What will they do to you (or so you hope or fear) after you answer?  
Do they have the power to help us?  If so…how?  
Will they brainwash us?  
Spray us with a genetic “fixing” potion?  
Kill us off with a virus?  
Or, freeze 90% of us on the moon and render the rest of us infertile, delivering a couple million awoken souls every year until we’re down to a more manageable population and the world has returned to balance?  
WHATEVER, the whole story hinges upon what YOU tell the aliens!  YOU have to tell them what’s at the ROOT of our troubles…before they can step in and take action.  
On a more practical level, why does your answer or opinion matter today, in the real world?  
It matters because it will be your drive!  
Your reason for choosing…
                    when to take action, 
                                       what to seek, 
                                                  who to vote for, 
                                                            and how to live.  
What do you see at the root of our troubles?
In what ways could we all live better?
And, how might we get there?
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