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Finding Your Themes
(in a nutshell)
Why do we write fiction?
Because, when we were younger, we found the standard answers unsatisfactory.
In fact, the day you began to write was probably the day you decided, “If they won’t give 
me a good answer…I guess I’ll have to create it myself!”
Then came the, “Holy Expletive” moment, where you looked at where you wanted
to go, where you were, and the HUGE chasm between the two!  Finding the answer that no one else can find is, um…challenging.  But, if also leads to the very best writing!
Q:  Which bridges are worth crossing? 
A:  Those that take you somewhere new!
Q:  How do you choose a bridge to cross?
A:  You ask yourself the following question: 
To what questions in life have I not yet found a satisfactory answer?
For me, the answer to this question is simple:  “I do not understand why we blind ourselves to problems and avoid dealing with them.  I do not understand why we willingly participate in our own self-destruction.  And, I do not see how we will turn this ship around.”  Hence, my novel.
Thank You, Holly Lisle!
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