Those who control the past control the 
future, and those who control the present 
control the past.
~George Orwell, 1984

I love George Orwell’s work, but let us ask ourselves:  Is this true?  I think the answer to that question is:  “Only if we let ourselves be controlled.”  Each and every person makes a choice, every day of their life.  Most back fearfully away from potential conflict, hoping someone else will stand up to the bullies of our day.  But, as a wise, young musician once said in reference to the economic top 10% of the economic top 1% of modern society, “We Are The Many, You Are The Few.”

Most of you know that my husband and I chose to homeschool our kids.  We are both history buffs.  The idea of letting the American Government control how our children viewed the world was anathema to both of us!  Especially when it came to the modern zombie-esque subject of HISTORY.

How do you make history boring?  No, seriously…how?

Hollywood makes BILLIONS on selling stories from the past.  Authors make MILLIONS doing the same thing.  Before the British, Germans, and Americans got ahold of India’s government schooling system…history was a much BELOVED subject!  Stories begged for at your Grandpa’s knee, wide-eyed children sitting around the campfire, and the casual talk of village elders…passing down the wisdom of the ages.  

Wisdom comes from mistakes made and remembered.  To survive, most cultures spend a lot of time looking back for advice from the ages.  STORIES are awesome!  

So, one must ask oneself a final question:  What benefit does a government seek when it turns history into a much-hated subject of study? 

Simple.  The government gains people who are easy to control.

Hmmm.  Maybe it’s time for MORE STORIES from authors and Hollywood seeking to return joy, curiosity, intrigue, and learning to the mangled corpse of the subject commonly known as HISTORY?

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