If You’re Writing, Let’s Talk ~ By Joel Saltzman
This book is short.
This book teaches by example.
This book is filled with awesome quotes.
It is probably worth a few hours of your time.
So, who would benefit most from this book, or a book like it? I’m thinking two groups. Those who are brand new to the idea (write a book? me? where did that idea come from?), and those who are beginning to think they’ve lost their marbles (what was I thinking three years ago?).
This book is about a group of amateur writers who have busy, crazy, and therefore fairly normal lives…and their 10-week writer’s group under the guidance of the author, Joel Saltzman. Giving us a “fly on the wall” perspective of this class, we watch as they progress from the germ of an idea to the deep muck of hating what they’re writing to the glow of success when they’ve gotten through some hurdles, are still alive, and discover that they can write after all…so long as they’re willing to put in the work.
Yes, let’s say that again. Work. Work, work, work…WORK! Writing isn’t some impossible goal or a realm reserved for a few, select and gifted individuals. Successfully submitted and published writing is the result of time, false starts, rehashing, brainstorming, scrapping, trashing, self-education, reading a ton, asking for help from our support team, the occasional screaming and cursing, and ultimately…sacrifice.
Like everything worth doing. 
If you give yourself over to it, it will happen. It’s practically a guarantee. What gets folks all confused is when people say they want to write, they tried to write, they wrote and failed…and we believe them. Well, a man sitting on a couch, eating potato chips and drinking cola, while watching re-runs of The Family Guy might say he wants to be healthy…but is he doing the work to reach the goal? No.
We’re human.
We’re going to struggle.
We’re going to lose confidence.
When we do, it’s nice to have support.
This book does exactly that.
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