I am happy to be both friend and client of Beth Jusino, and I often mention how awesome she is! My writing friends nod their heads, already overwhelmed by the world of writing, much less publishing, and more often than not, that’s as far as it goes. So, to save you all from continuing to miss out, here’s an example of why I ADORE working with Beth Jusino!

My email to Beth: 
I’m just letting you know that this revision is extraordinarily hard for me, because I keep wanting to fix everything. So I finally decided that my first 10 drafts will be crap. Evolving, improving, necessary crap…but that trying to write something than needs no further help is impossible. So, crap that matches my revisions goals IS the goal. There. Caveat extended. When I send this to you, yes. I, too, know it is crap. And, yes, I am ready to be told what I should focus on improving next. This way of looking at it helps me move forward…

Beth’s reply:
Fiction, especially first novels, has a way of extending and expanding, fighting, and refusing to go where you think it should. All you can do at this point is to take it as far as you can, and then keep an open mind when you get feedback from others. I think your plan sounds valid. Happy writing (and writing, and writing, and writing…)


If you’re a Seattle Area Writer, Beth will be at AWP, Beth lives near Ballard, Beth ROCKS!

Her contact info:
Beth Jusino
Writer, Editor, Marketer, Teacher
(aka Publishing Consultant)

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