Happy Late Winter!
Of course, not really.
It. Is. Cold. And…
…I just came home from a visit to my Dad’s in sunny, warm Arizona. I’m sure I’ve returned only because I’m a little bit stupid. Why else would anyone voluntarily leave 80’s and sunny for 40’s and gloomy? 
But, yes…here I am, space heater blaring against my legs, with the first 5 chapters of Draft #3 under my belt! Remarkably, my novel seems to be improving, although my publishing consultant and editor (I like to refer to her as my pre-agent) Beth Jusino will surely (and hopefully) rip it to shreds when she reads it. No one improves without some honest and blunt criticism – more often than not, a ton of it!
Of course, I say this now.
Once I get the feedback, you’ll probably
find me under covers, eating fudge with
a spoon, and planning my future
as a carpet saleswoman.
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