I’m disappearing to AWP (Assoc. of Writers & Writing Programs) for a few days…couchsurfing, bussing it everywhere, seeing awesome writers and publishers and friends, and posting juicy bits all over the place! 
Here’s where you can find me…
Prose, Poetry & Purpose
This month’s show features guest author & publisher, Midge Raymond of Ashland Creek Press. Specializing in Eco-literature, I expect most on Vashon will find it reassuring to know that the publishing world can have heart and soul!
Don’t Give Up on Facebook
Facebook is what you make of it. Excise the gunk, keep the awesome, enjoy the ride! If you want an example of a mostly inspiring FB page that supports community connection – check out mine! Don’t give up on FB because you’re tired of incidental posts or are getting blasted with negativity. Your FB should make your life better!
Twitter Ain’t So Scary
Find me here: @MarchTwisdale
I admit to massive luddite tendencies and yet, Twitter has surprised me. I’ve met the most amazing people, right off the bat, with up-lifting, insightful, and useful tweets! How else would I have heard about The Minimalists? Two guys who left corporate jobs, slimmed down, and are traveling the world sharing their book about the better life waiting for you!
Read The Loop On-Line
Community Health Blog:  vaccinesandbeyond.blogspot.com
Our current Community Conversation article is about The Strengths of Autism. Don’t live on the island? Read it online! Past articles can be found on our blog.   
Inspiration is Easy to Find
Home Blog:  marchtwisdale.com (updated 7.20.16) 
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