Poetree – a burning man art project – needs your voice-recorded poetry. If you want to read a favorite poem, state the title (if any), author name (preferred that it is not your own work), & “read by” as in…your name. Send recording to mistressimmaculate@gmail.com 

Terrain.org – I’m pretty impressed with this group, as they are entirely on-line (quite accessible) and are looking to blend the technological aspects of “built & natural environments” with the heart-tugging strings of poetry and fiction. Blending heart and mind when approaching social change always excites me!

Rob Carney. Poet. OMG. I don’t even like poetry…and I LOVE Rob Carney’s art.
So great to see Patty, Claire, and Kristen at Black Coffee Co-op for Artist Trust Reading. Loved the readings, P & K, loved meeting your partner and catching up Claire! AND, Black Coffee Co-op was a rare treat, as they offer “safer place” for people and political activism groups. So impressed with the warm vibe, the community, and the delicious vegan food. Next time you’re near Summit and Pike (4-5 blocks east of Broadway, 1 block north of pike on Summit)…check them out.
I am almost 100% sure that the Book Fair opens to the public tomorrow, I think for free, too.
Ashland Creek Press Booth #1207 is a rare bird at this event, with a pure focus on eco-literature. Their novels are diverse, engaging, story-first, written by an international collection of authors, and Midge Raymond (co-owner) is my guest author this month on voiceofvashon.org/prose-poetry-and-purpose.
Listenparty.com – listen to authors reading their work and discover all that the voice can lend to the written word.
Okay…I’m tired. Long couple of days. So glad it’s over tomorrow night…LOL!
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