Since I last posted, I have been enmeshed in life…

(1) On an activism note, I can now say that I have personally experienced one of the many forms of censorship, and I found the experience enlightening. Note: This does not relate to the confusion on Vashonall where, in fact, censorship did not occur.

(2) On a writer’s note, my first stab at organizing a “reading” has gone smashingly well! On our little island, our library spent the last year being remodeled (to the tune of about $6,000,000 – wow). To celebrate the Grand Opening, I managed to reserve the lovely new meeting room for the first ever “Vashon Writers Read 4 You” event! Six local authors, a room filled to capacity, delicious snacks (not too little, not too much), and plenty of conversation afterwards…plus we left the room pristine AND departed on time. Really? What could have gone better? Yeah!

(3) On a radio note, if you haven’t already…go check out my March show!  And plan to listen to my April show (starting on the 13th)!  I continue to be inspired and amazed by the work of my guest authors. 

(4) On a gardening note, it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Would you believe me if I told you I had teenagers working on my farm? It’s true! And two of them are my own teens…this late Spring & early Summer, our delicious strawberry beds will be overloaded with red, sun-ripened berries…and then, they’ll be at the Co-op Table of the Vashon Farmer’s Market! Just waiting for you to take them home…

(5) Finally, on a bloggers note, I am glad that I haven’t tried to force blog content over the past month. In fact, I’m taking the rest of this week to recover from the last three weeks. LOL! So, look for more consistency in my posts, starting next Monday.

And until then…be well, be aware and be inspired by the world around you!

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