Exploring Fundamental Tenets & Realities of Living in a Free Society
In my work as an advocate for medical choice and informed consent, I regularly encounter situations where our liberties are at risk from freedom-minded, well-meaning people who certainly enjoy their own right to make minority decisions…but who, out of fear or hope, are willing to consider reducing another person’s right to make a minority decision.
When is it worth it? When is it not?
And what happens, when we make that fateful choice?

Simple fact: We all hold minority and majority positions on various issues that we hold very dear. Meaning, we stand nearly alone in some of our views…while on other issues, we have lots of company.

Keep this in mind when majority friends field the idea of forcing their viewpoint on those in the minority. Such actions are the building boulders of dictatorships, and they roll faster than we might think. Never forget…it may well be your minority position that gets squashed next.

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