As a radio host who interviews authors, I have a growing shelf of books that need to find their next reader…perhaps that is you?

Find these books, pick them up for a donation, and go home knowing you did a good deed for yourself AND our community!

Saturdays – find the VoV Basket at Farmer’s Market
The rest of the week – check out Bookman West in Minglement & Vashon Coffee Roasterie

Each book comes with a “radio host” review of the author’s book AND how it was to work with them on my show. Here’s an example of one of the books you can pick up this week:

As a Mom, I’m always on the lookout for children’s books that Wow! Jane Valencia’s novel, Because Of The Red Fox, fits the bill…with a dash of magic, authentic characters who rock their world, and plenty of local color…this novel will entrance and thrill boys and girls alike! If you’re in a gift-giving mood, or simply wish to transport yourself and your family into another viewpoint on the world, then don’t put this book down until you’re sitting in your favorite reading chair! And when you’re done, make sure to pass this story on…
Thank you for supporting VoV’s new FM Tower!
Sincerely, March Twisdale
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