And here’s another wonderful author you can listen to on Vashon’s own Voice of Vashon!

Question of the hour!  ~Where do I find the basket?
Answer to save the day!  ~New Location!

For September & October find the VoV Basket at the Vashon Farmer’s Market!
Starting in November (if any books are left) find the VoV Basket at Bookman West, the newly located used & appreciated bookstore inside of Minglement & Vashon Coffee Roasterie

Each book comes with a “radio host” review of the author’s book AND how it was to work with them on my show. Here’s an example of one of the books you can pick up this week:

Jennine Capo´Crucet is so much more than an author. She is an exceptionally bright woman blessed with one of those out-of-the-box viewpoints that our world so desperately needs! Following her passions, she brings the unique Cuban culture to our bedside, pours our her love and support for our youth, and is just inspiration walking! Her collection of short stories will have you laughing or crying, and loving every minute of it! Thank you for supporting the raising of our new VoV FM Station Tower! 
Sincerely, March Twisdale
Producer & Host, Prose, Poetry & Purpose
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