Yes, you can pick up one of Will North’s novels at our local Writer’s Booth at Vashon’s Farmer’s Market!

Yes, you can listen to Will North’s interview here:

Yes, I read an early draft of Harm None for Will about a year ago! Intriguing and startling with characters you’ll grow to care about and hope to protect…check out his new Mystery Series!

I wish I could be as witty as Will North, but no one can, so I won’t even try! Suffice to say that my time with Will, from his enthusiastic support of my first drafts of my novel to our produce aisle interceptions to our time in the VoV studio are ALWAYS a source of hilarity & fond memories! To be a bit more serious, Will was one of the most prepared and professional guest authors I’ve worked with. Truly, everything a radio host could wish for. Thank you for supporting the raising of our new VoV FM Station Tower! 
Sincerely, March Twisdale
Producer & Host, Prose, Poetry & Purpose
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