First! The Grand Birthday Prize goes to Elizabeth Hall who answered the most questions correctly! I’ll be dropping off your “prize” sometime this week! Thanks to everyone who came by Vashon’s co-working space, HUB070, to help me celebrate my birthday during my Drop-In Writing Session!
One funny thing…a new friend of mine looked at my birthday quiz and said, “I won’t get any of these right!” So, he decided to treat my quiz like a Mad Libs fill-in-the-blank, and here’s what he came up with:
March was born in Leswich, England. Her mother, April and her father, Ron, moved frequently. As a result, March attended 17 (this one, he actually got correct!) schools between kindergarten and graduating high school! She is married to Omar and has two teen boys named Neville & Billy Bob. The entire family moved to the island about .5 years ago, and they love it! 
Before having children, March taught wrestling professionally for five years, and this is how she met her husband who happens to be 45 years older than her. Currently, March is involved in a youth project called Teens In The Fields. TITF helps young people grow into empowered adults by giving them a real opportunity to experience a start up business in all its facets. In the spring, they pick and sell Dandelions on the side of the road in front of Windermere. In the Summer, they sell tie-dye t-shirts, pet rocks, & star fruit at Strawberry Festival and Farmer’s Market. This was their first year and the project was “in the black” by August 5th!
To stay healthy, March has begun a regular practice of MMA (what is that?), taking classes in West Seattle and here on the island. She credits this form of fighting (oh!) with eliminating most of her neck and back pain! She’s also currently taking Constance Sebastion’s class “Breatharianism,” and has found the food to be the most delicious she’s eaten in years! If you are hoping to increase your health and reduce physical discomfort, aches and pains…she’d love to share with you these two new practices in her life.
Finally, March has spent the last 38 (please, God, no…) years working on her novel, The Ghost Lords. She is an Artist Trust EDGE graduate (a Professional Development Program for Writers) and is currently working to support local authors by creating the Breatharian “Food” Bank for Starving Writers, here at HUB070. 
Oh! March’s eyes are violet, her hair is naturally green, she used to own and ride her horse all over the island (t or f), she has 11 brothers, and she is 19 years old! Finally, March was born in the month of February and her husband was born in the month of March (another one he got correct by accident!)
*Thank you, anonymous HUB070 Member, for giving the good folks of Vashon Island one more reason (like they need it) to visit our FAB co-working space! 
And to all my friends, thanks for playing!
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