As the radio producer and host of Prose, Poetry & Purpose (available on KVSH 101.9FM, between Seattle & Tacoma, or On Demand at…), I keep an eye open for writers who imbue their work (poetry, fiction, or non-fiction) with social messaging that inspires.
And I’m not just talking about “inspirational literature.” Every genre is capable of offering mentorship through characters, an improved worldview through story, or inspiring concrete changes in how we live our lives. And Peter Voeller has been around long enough to know we need some inspiration! 
Vantanahon isn’t afraid to tackle important social issues of our time. Also, Peter Voeller wasn’t afraid to take risks with his writing style. Imagine, in the first 17 pages, meeting a large cast of characters through personal self-introductions AND the outside observations of the others in the group? Rather than being disconcerting, I felt an unusually deep connection with the characters early on. It was novel and intriguing, which is why writing is and will always be an art form and not a science.
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