Here is a Shout Out to Kelsye Nelson & Abby Carter – two women who have done so much for our local, Seattle writing scene (and beyond!) that I just feel like giving them some love and making sure YOU ALL have heard of!

Kelsye Nelson & Abby Carter are co-founders of, and if you’re a writer and haven’t heard of, keep reading!
In a nutshell, was designed to “develop a marketplace for authors to get connected with book designers, marketers and editors.” In other words, pretty much everything that the modern author needs (when it comes to publishing) is discussed, supported, brainstormed, and brought to your computer screen…all with an eye to help you grow your Writing Life!
Where can you find How about…
(2) There’s on Facebook:
(3) Next, we have on Twitter:
(4) And how about, the community?
(5) Of course, who could forget? on AngelList:
(6) Or, on YouTube?:
And there are more. Why? Because, for most published writers, your success will be based upon all that you do OTHER THAN your writing and the people at practice what they preach!
I think you’ve got what you need to get started with your Adventures! But, before you launch yourself into the seas of, I’d like to leave you with the Top Ten List that Kelsye Nelson shared at an author’s event this past Summer!
What All Authors should do BEFORE They Publish
  • Build Your Writing Community
  • Establish Your Writing Habit
  • Claim Your Name
  • Create Your Website
  • Start Building Social Media
  • Get Familiar With Current Websites
  • Competitive Research
  • Set Your Goals
  • Keep Learning
  • Get Your Writing Out Into The World!
So, there you go.
Sage advice to publish by!
Happy NaNo-ing!
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