I produce & host a radio show on Voice of Vashon titled, “Prose, Poetry & Purpose.” 
My personal and civic request to you is that you make a special effort to listen to my February show…AND that you share it with every person you know. At work, distant relatives, your clubs, social media friends, neighbors…if you know them, make sure they know about Prose, Poetry & Purpose in February!
If you live on my island, in the wet & green Pacific Northwest, you know that we have been struggling with the darkness of self-harm. Mostly, we hear about suicides, but there is a wave of other forms of self-harm (burning, hitting, cutting) washing over our island’s young people.  
Everyone knows someone who is young. Coaches, parents, mentors, employers, neighbors, teachers…the list is long, and we all play a daily role in the lives of the young. This is why my February show, where I interview two young women who graduated from Vashon High School last year, matters to all of us. 
Zoe Sackman (editor-in-chief) and Paulina Hernandez (poetry editor) spend an hour talking with me about their experience working on the award-winning March 2014 Issue of Vashon High School’s HUM Literary Magazine. They have much to say about how to embrace joy, the value of participating in the HUM Lit Mag “club,” and about Paulina’s poem, “Self-Destruction.” 
Not only did she write this while she was engaged in self-harm herself, but she went out on a limb, offering this deeply personal poem up for publication during her senior year. Speaking eloquently and accurately about self-harm, available resources for those who want help, best reactions for parents and friends to have, and how to recognize a cry for help…this interview has a raw honesty that could save lives.
As a step toward a lower self-harm rate on our island (and around the world) this interview needs to reach as many as possible. Thank you for passing on the word.
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March Twisdale
Columbia Scholastic Press Association has awarded the 2014 HUM a Gold Medalist: At 957 out of 1000 possible points, the “Chaos Edition” of the Lit Mag, edited by last year’s senior, Zoe Sackman (who now attends Brown University), came in only 43 points away from getting a full score of 1000.
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