This man amazes me.


Let me count the ways…

First, he’s Fathering twins and he’s still coherent.

Second, he’s got a mind that simply does great things.

Third, he’s sweet and kind and raises other up.

Fourth, he’s articulate (which is a plus when you’re a novelist & screenwriter).

Fifth, he had boundless energy (despite the aforementioned twins).

Sixth, he has boundless energy (without being a caffeine-addict – how?).

Seventh, he has placed real-world crises of humanity into a fictional novel that informs as readily as it entertains.

Eight, he is currently co-creating an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. (I know, right? Like, you just fell in love with him, didn’t you?)

Ninth, he co-curates WordsWest Literary Series every month in West Seattle

(at C&P Coffee – showing that despite not being a caffeine-addict, he still has impeccable taste!)

Tenth, he came all the way out to Vashon Island to do this interview with me and it was SO MUCH FUN!

So, now…how do you hear Harold Taw’s awesome interview 
on Prose, Poetry & Purpose? You simply tune in to
101.9 FM KVSH (in the Vashon/Seattle/Puyallup area)
or you go here: Prose, Poetry & Purpose!

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