Every once in awhile, I see an author doing everything right. When this happens, all I want to do is share, share, share! Because, there’s a canyon that yawns expansively between the worlds of writers and published authors. And K.M. Weiland can help you span that distance…
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If you’re a writer, who wants to be an author:
Allow yourself to experience all of 
the emotions her website offers you:
Reader – curiosity & enthusiasm
Published Author – admiration
Aspiring Author – start taking notes!
Explore K.M. Weiland’s site for her newest novel, 
Storming (an historical dieselpunk mashup!) and check out 
her many other published offerings, while you’re at it.
Someone you love, needs one of these books!
Then, before you leave, if you are a writer…
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I always love the spurt of energy I get when
I open them and awesome advice

just leaps off the screen at me!


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