About a month ago, I realized that December would be a very busy month! Why? Because I’ve got a lot of preparation to do!

In 2016, my radio show – Prose, Poetry & Purpose – is ramping up! For two years, I’ve hosted one author interview per month. Making sure I had the time & skill necessary to produce a good show. Now? I’m ready to “double down” as they say.

In 2016, you’ll have twice as much Prose, Poetry & Purpose to love! Two authors a month…and, as always, I have a new “theme song” for the year. I hope you can understand the joy and gratitude I felt when Makana emailed me to say, “Yes! You can use my song, We Are The Many, on your show throughout 2016.”

For Americans, 2016 is a Presidential Election Year, and this matters. WHO we nominate, HOW our candidates run their campaigns, WHERE our nation is headed in the years to come…this year’s presidential race will be a watershed moment for our country.

Like many of you, I take my role – as a radio show host & an actively engaged citizen – seriously.
In particular, I’m choosing authors who I believe touch upon issues that are especially relevant during a Presidential Election Year. I hope you will find each and every interview to be surprising, eye-opening, inspirational, and more than worth your time!

Please consider sharing my show with the people in your life. My guest authors have invested months and years into the creation of their literary work and I’m fairly certain your friends, co-workers, neighbors and loved ones have much to gain from their devotion to theme, character, topic and issue.

May your 2015 end brightly and full of holiday cheer…and may your 2016 begin with the quintessential essence of hope: The desire to act as though you matter…because, you do.

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