My January Guest Authors Rock!
For all of you parents…hiring a babysitter just got a whole lot easier! Why? Because my first guest author of 2016, Katie Goodman (with her amazing husband, Soren Kisiel) just released The Night Our Parents Went Out. This creative story somehow manages to turn your babysitter into a super-improvisational whiz who can turn any child’s plaintive concerns into ingredients for a whopper of a story that will delight while it passes the time until, yup…you come home. Goal? One less phone call from the kids while you’re having grown-up time! (you’re welcome)
For all of you writers…you’re about to meet the woman who will change your life forever! My second guest author of 2016, KM Weiland will grace your poor, scribbling lives with her wisdom, insights and enthusiasm. How do I know? Because I AM just like you and, as I peruse her book, Structuring Your Novel, I begin to catch a whiff of hope that maybe I can do this. Yes, there are a ton of “how to write your first novel” books out there…but, that’s the point. There ARE a lot of them and a fair number sort of, well…suck. But, not KM Weiland’s and, after five minutes of listening to her, I won’t have to explain why. You’ll already be ordering her book.
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