I ask all of my authors to provide me with 10 Fascinating Factoids about themselves which I can share about on Facebook and Twitter in the week prior to their interview hitting the airwaves! However, very often, these quirky, surprising and unique snippets of information are simply too long for Twitter. Soooo…I’m going to start sharing them here, on my blog, as well! Beginning to my current guest author, Katie Weiland!

(Number 8 is my fave…but don’t miss all the rest!)
#1:  My very first memory is of myself at around age two, sitting in a treehouse at a family reunion, making up a story.
#2:  I’m directionally challenged. I come to a four-way stop, and I have to look at my rings to tell my left hand from my right. 
       Yeah. Scary.
#3:  I’ve broken five bones (two vertebrae, both feet, and my skull).
#4:  My first traditionally published book was in Japanese (which I can’t speak). It was the translation of my Amazon bestseller 
       Outlining Your Novel.
#5:  I have a freckle on my upper lip and one on each eyelid.
#6:  I listen to my music in alphabetical order. Does that make me OCD or just really organized?
#7:  I read over 100 books every year.
#8:  My stomach’s name is Fred.
#9:  I love animals and own a Black Lab named Crazy Bob. He lives up to his name.
#10:  My favorite quote right now is: “Do something today your future self will thank you for.”
(Okay…number 10 is really awesome, too!) 
So, are you curious about the show? Want to know why and how Katie ended up creating her site, “helping writers become authors?”  Planning to self-publish your own book, or still working on the basic structure of your story? Join the conversation as Katie and I talk about Dieselpunk and inspiring hope one reader & one listener at a time!
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