…and Laurel Saville is one of them!

One of the coolest things about producing and hosting my
own radio show is that I am a “woman in charge of my own

Laurel Saville strikes me as exactly the same. Everything she’s done, from developing her career to opening up about and exploring her difficult childhood by writing a memoir to stepping away from the familiar traditional publishing path and into the brave & fascinatingly new world of Amazon Publishing…has been of her own choosing.

For Writers: Laurel’s interview will give you some surprising insights into the ever-changing world of publishing!

For Readers: Laurel’s novels and her memoir are filled with intense visuals, raw human motives, and emotions that sometimes disturb but always serve to breath life into her characters.

For Listeners in Recovery & Cancer Survivors:
Laurel bravely and honestly confronts some of the “standard” opinions surrounding what matters in life and challenges them head on, reminding us that we need not always strive to be happy, happy, happy…nor should we blame ourselves or feel guilty when we experience moments of melancholy, feel pensive, or otherwise take a break from society’s demands that we put on a happy face at all times.

Again and again, Laurel’s characters, her literary adventures, and her personal insights caught me just a tad off guard and then, as we delved deeper, they revealed worlds I don’t often think about.

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