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Guest Author Patricia Ballentine

Leaning on our instinctual fear of the unknown, we are ever-encouraged to pursue distrust (rather than fascination) when faced with a member of a group that differs from our own. In today’s world, we face uncertain and rocky times. The old fallbacks – classism & other cultural phobias – are being inflamed in an effort to frighten, divide and crush our pluralistic society.

As a result, it is perhaps not so surprising that a Grandmother’s declaration that she is a witch (a minority position) would be met with a level of surprise that is greater than when a Grandmother shares that she is a Christian (a majority position in America).  
And yet, what is the difference? Both are positions of faith, morality and empowerment. Both are thick with stories, myth, metaphor, ritual and magic. Both inspire personal growth, foster community & connection while offering up reflections upon a higher power. 

Truly, the only difference I can find lies within their status as a majority or minority belief system. Which suggests that we still have a lot of skill building to do, if we seek to achieve success as a pluralistic society.

Definition of Pluralism: A conviction that various religious, ethnic, racial, and political groups should be allowed to thrive in a single society.
I invite you to approach Patricia Ballentine’s interview with a sense of curiosity and adventure! 
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