I just listened to (and edited) my second interview with Benjamin Studebaker tonight…reminding me of why I absolutely had to have two interviews with him! And, reminding me of why I chose to run his interviews now…in the month leading up to November 8th.
It is my firm belief that the vast majority of Americans are of a similar mind. We actually agree on most things. We see that there are serious class problems…we recognize historical examples of “Caesar-like” figures who took on dictatorial power over a former democracy…we know the “wealth” is not being shared fairly…we know that our country will benefit from increased investment in the commons (our land, our water, our education, our health)…and we don’t like to be lectured to, do we?
Which is very much what’s so great about Benjamin. He brings a fascination, a rich background of research, and a humility and kindness to these topics that is beyond refreshing!
During this nasty presidential election, Prose, Poetry & Purpose offers you a sincere, respectful, insightful and eye-opening hour of pleasant political discourse that aims for the truth without attempting to draw blood in the process. I welcome you to the conversation and invite you to visit Benjamin Studebaker’s blog:   www.BenjaminStudebaker.com 
I also encourage you to do what you can to bring this energy, this positivity blended with reality, this engagement and willingness to be a part of the solution we all crave…to your friends, your family, your co-workers, your community. Wherever you live, you are surrounded by people who are wishing that our society could engage in meaningful and peaceful dialogue about the crucial, life-changing issues we face, together, as the people of Earth. I am sure they would thank you for sharing this with them!
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