What makes a man? Or a woman? Or a dog? Or a cat? Or a parrot?

Is it only our physical characteristics? Surely not! For a barking parrot would just not do, nor would we wish our husbands to pee on every street corner, true?

Is it our culture? Maybe…maybe not. History and modern times alike provide us with plentiful examples of those we would not wish to know, for the sake of culture alone.

Is it one’s bank account? I think not, for Wall Street is crawling with uncouth millionaires and stories of true love never hinge on such a shallow measure.

Is it a person’s skillful slight of hand and their way with words? Once again, I can not bring myself to agree, for such characteristics far too often belong to those of ill-repute and cunning crime.

And so, how am I to describe a man with black letters upon a white background? It is possible to tell a story in this way, but can such a medium offer the fullness of the object of our attention? Most assuredly not.

Which is why I cleave to the power of voice. For while a person’s soul will ever-remain partly trapped behind the most cleverly written words…it needs must escape upon the ever-unique sound of speech and breath, touching us in ways which quill and ink, pencil and lead, keystroke and paper can not.

For this reason, I admit to my inability to capture this man’s spirit upon my glowing screen, and endeavor to entice you to an hour of leisure and delight in its stead.

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