Technically, it “began” almost seven years ago, to the day. The summer I pulled two hamstrings and found myself darn well chairbound: the perfect position for writing a novel!

Today, as my children move firmly into the, “Really, Mom, we can take care of ourselves,” stage of their individuation, I find myself sitting at my new desk, with nothing to interfere with the completion of this project but me, myself and I!

In a flurry of curiosity, I googled images of “novel outlines” and stumbled upon BetterNovelProject.Com. If you are a visual learner, and love to write, this website will rock your visualizing boat! Filled with doodles, Christine takes information commonly offered by a plethora of writing gurus and guides and converts it into laid out images, bubbled & framed, connected with arrows and completely appealing to minds such as mine.

Yes, I’ve invited her to join me on Prose, Poetry & Purpose, for an hourlong discussion of all things literary! Fingers crossed she says yes. Until then, you can explore her work here: