If you live in the Seattle area…
If you are an activist, or have an activist’s heart…
If you track local campaigns from Vashon’s battle to stop Glacier Northwest to the Shell Oil Rig blockade and Occupy Seattle’s strong focus on the power of non-violent actions…
You’ve probably heard of The Backbone Campaign, and its founder & director, Bill Moyer! Love what they do? Curious about how an activist can remain strong and motivated during these trying times? Want to hear about a new, multi-state opportunity to work with North American Tribes and Small Town Americans of all colors and backgrounds…that will improve energy infrastructure while reducing our contributions to Global Warming & Catastrophic Climate Change?
How do I listen to the show?
On 101.9 FM KVSH (in the Seattle/Vashon/Puyallup region)
Listen to Bill Moyer’s interview with March Twisdale on
Prose, Poetry & Purpose @ 11am on Sat and 3pm on Tue
I live out of the area! I want to share with friends far away!
No Problem…
Go to marchtwisdale.com where you can:
Click on the Podcast Tab at the top, OR scroll down on the home page
Bill Moyer considers himself a radical solutionary, addressing root problems with just, sustainable solutions. A fourth generation Washingtonian, Bill lives with his wife and daughter in the woods of Vashon Island, WA in the Salish Sea (near Seattle). He co-founded and has directed the Backbone Campaign since 2004. A leader in the theory and practice of artful activism, Backbone combines lessons of the performing arts with grand strategic principles from the Art of War to invigorate nonviolent social change. Bill coauthored the book Solutionary Rail, a people-powered campaign to electrify America’s railroads and open corridors to a clean energy future. As he says, our “No” is only as powerful as our “Yes” is compelling.