Everything you and I know today either filled empty space in our mind or supplanted something that already existed. I used to believe in Santa Clause. Now, I believe in the spirit of giving and the value of family traditions. Some people are atheist, then they endure an experience which changes this view, and now they believe in something more than they used to consider possible. And so on.

Which creates a conundrum. What can we believe and trust?

With drugs, scientists can create images in our minds which do not match up with reality.

With advertisements, companies can make us feel that eating Pringles will make us skinny, pretty and popular.

With political campaign strategies, a member of the wealth class (who is completely devoted to & dependent upon the maintenance of the current pyramid of power) can convince tens of millions of Americans that he cares about them and has their back.

And so it goes.

If we lived in a differently structured society, I might not care. Say, an authoritarian dictatorship, where the rule of law states clearly and bluntly: Your ideas and opinions hold little to no weight. Whether it plays out in reality or not, when it comes to our laws, policies, statutes and other codified rules: We Are The Source of All Power in America.

Which is why I care so damn much about how my fellow Americans think.

Aside from our heart beating, our diaphragm moving, and our blood pressure remaining stable (our autonomic nervous system, in other words)…we are thinking creatures.

Think = Do.

Which is why so much energy and effort in invested in gaining control of our thoughts and opinions. We are literally power figures – actions waiting to happen. Which is why we are carefully groomed, selectively programmed with social algorithms, intentionally constrained by “value added” prejudices, beliefs and opinions and then…finally…set free to carry our bodies forward in a prescribed direction.

Q: Is this bad? Not necessarily. We are, after all, learning-based creatures.

Q: Is this dangerous? ABSOLUTELY.

Every terrible act committed by humankind on planet Earth was the result of individually held thoughts, implanted in individual minds by society, culture, rulers and those wishing to depose rulers. We are, quite simple, targets and targeted, at the same time.

In other words: THINKER BEWARE.

Which leaves us where? I don’t have a perfect answer for anyone else, but I’ll share with you where this realization leaves me:
– Open-minded.
– Aware.
– Curious.
– Cautious.
– Responsible for my opinions.
– Devoted to broad and deep research.
– Willing to change my mind.

And so. I ask that you listen to my radio interview with Del Bigtree, producer/writer/activist, with these above “independent thinking” attributes charged up and actively turned on. I ask that you make room, in your mind, for new information and ideas. I ask that you allow your beliefs and opinions to be flexible and responsive to unexpected (even unhappy or disappointing) information…once you’ve personally vetted it for accuracy and nuance, to the best of your ability. And, I ask that you employ these hallmarks of independent, critical thinking forever! Never turn them off.

The Documentary, VAXXED, is being brought to Vashon-Maury Island on Friday, September 22nd. Everyone is invited to this Free Screening. Location & time details will be published in early September.

Full Disclosure: March Twisdale and her husband, Jose Marquez, have partially vaccinated their two sons on an individualized medical schedule, and this summer, both March and Jose received Td booster shots. Our entire family is Vaccine Risk Aware and Pro-Human Rights, which includes the Medical Ethic of Informed Consent. We are categorically NOT anti-vaccine. Our 18 year old son explained it best a few weeks ago, when he said: “I’m not against vaccines. I don’t think they are bad. My problem is with the government forcing people to use them.”