Today, I am starting a series of blog posts which will be more in the vein of diary entries than essays or journalistic articles. The mindset that supports my fiction work is so very, very, VERY different from that which fuels my political and advocacy work. But, it occurred to me recently that, there are millions of people who can do that work and do it well. Meanwhile, there is literally only one person on this planet who can write my novel, The Ghost Lords. 


This month, I turned 45. In a very real way, age changes everything. It sounds cliché, but it is anything but…when it is you who is doing the aging. Something changed inside. I am still passionate about current events and my actions still align with my desire to live a more sustainable existence, but my novel…beckons.

A couple years ago, I bought the Kindle Version of Cathy Yardley’s book, Rock Your Plot. Last month, I listened to the entire book on tape (as the author suggests). Today, I opened it up again and turned to page one.

My accomplishment for the day?

A One Sentence Premise:
“In a crumbling world, ruled by ancient and ruthless forces, Jordan must choose between survival and love.” 

If you come back, every day, you’ll vicariously experience the day to day struggles and joys of being a writer. Let us hope the effort yields an Actopian Fiction Novel of epic and profound proportions.

One last thing.

My outlined goals are below. If I start to get distracted, feel free to effectively kick my butt back into gear by posting a comment. Why? Because I know we are all looking for the “new narrative” that will replace the existing ones that no longer serve us and, at the end of the day, I honestly believe that The Ghost Lords will give my readers a reason to stand up and cheer! Not just for my characters, but for themselves and our shared world.

October Project:  Revise & Outline the Plot for The Ghost Lords

November Project:  Revise my novel in 30 days (Plot Focus)

December Project:  Revise my novel in 30 days (Character Focus)

January Project:  Revise my novel in 30 days (Tension Focus)

February Project:  Revise my novel in 30 days (Humor Focus – Don’t Be Too Serious)

March Project:  Write Query Letter & Compile List of Agents & Publishers

April Project:  Mail/Submit Query Letters