Check out the image, to see the results! After four years of producing this show, I am eager to hear from you, my listeners, about how I can improve. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
For the people who specifically suggested that I interview authors who have written about the following subjects, thank you for being so specific! Here they are:
– Wealth inequality
– Medicare/Single payer/Medical for all
– Climate change
– Big money in politics
– Veganism
Survey #2 is coming out this week, so watch for it!
AND…..I have a gift for each and every one of you!
During the month of March (of which there are 21 days remaining), you can drop by the Vashon Book Shop and pick up an “Empowered Radio” Bookmark! On the back, there will be a number. This bookmark is both a small token of my appreciation for your support, as well as your ticket for one of three “Grand Prizes!”
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As always, thank you for listening.
~ March Twisdale