Focus On! reminds us life is infused with vast potential, if we’re willing to stretch our minds & keep on learning.

When the dead control the living, that’s bad, but when you’re the ultimate weapon they need? Worse.

When one change shatters the lives of thousands, two brothers struggle to survive on an island filled with humans under stress.

Prose, Poetry & Purpose is all about writers and stories that touch our hearts, alter our choices, and change the world. 

Prose, Poetry & Purpose
Guest Authors

Welcome to my gallery! Writers are people who commit themselves to the arduous task of sharing their thoughts, research, hopes and ideas with the world. Each and every interview is a gem. Enjoy.

“March is a very warm and intensely intelligent host. You will thoroughly enjoy being interviewed with her for a show when the time comes. Add an extra hour to your schedule to chat afterwards. She’s a gem.”
–James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Focus On:

The United States of America is one of a hundred and ninety-five unique countries filled with humans striving to live together. The USA is young, imperfect and Americans are demanding positive change like never before. Where can we turn for inspiration and ideas? 

Focus On! offers the insightful perspectives and voices of everyday people living in other countries. Why did the USA bail out its banks, while Iceland jailed its Banksters? How has Switzerland found the balance between high gun ownership and low gun violence? What strategies are helping the Netherlands and Portugal bring hard drug use to an all time low? How does Denmark manage not just free college – but “paid to go to school” college? Focus On! brings the world’s ideas within reach. Enjoy!