Focus On! reminds us life is infused with vast potential. 

Fiction touches our hearts, alters our choices, and changes the world.

When one change shatters the lives of thousands, two brothers struggle to adapt and survive.

Prose, Poetry & Purpose casts the writer’s experience in vivid color, highlighting often unseen intentions, struggles and triumphs.

Prose, Poetry & Purpose
Guest Authors

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“March is a very warm and intensely intelligent host. You will thoroughly enjoy being interviewed with her for a show when the time comes. Add an extra hour to your schedule to chat afterwards. She’s a gem.”
–James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Focus On:

The United States of America is a unique country. One of a hundred and ninety-five unique countries, all of which are trying to come up with successful strategies for living together in this century. On some social issues, we barely make the cut as a “developed” nation, leaving many of us to wonder, “What’s going wrong and who can we learn from?”

Focus On! is designed to seek answers to this crucial question through the insightful perspectives and voices of individuals living within other cultures/countries. Why did America bail out its banks, while Iceland jailed its Banksters? How has Switzerland found the balance between high gun ownership and low gun violence? What strategies are helping the Netherlands bring hard drug use an all time low? What can we learn from Denmark, when it comes to homelessness and not just free college – but “paid to go to school” college? The social challenges of our time have solutions, if we are willing to open our eyes and seek them abroad.