March Twisdale is the producer and host of two FM Radio Shows. On Prose, Poetry & Purpose, March interviews guest authors about how they hope to inspire positive social change in the world, one reader at a time. Focus On! draws our attention to social issues and challenges, through the eyes and voices of individuals from various cultures and countries around the world.

March Twisdale’s investigative journalism is heavy on perspective and lean on excuses. Whether unraveling national politics or discussing the loss of the Fourth Estate to Corporate Oligarchs, March challenges her readers to take action. A 20-year advocate of our human right to Informed Consent, March draws us away from wedge issue politics; preferring to highlight ongoing scientific advancements while¬†reminding us of the dark ages of human experimentation (as in, the 20th Century). And then there is Classism in America and its corrosive effect on society; including comfortable, liberal regions of the country where bigotry hides behind pleasantries.

In an effort to change the world, one emotionally-driven roller-coaster at a time, March Twisdale is in search of an agent/publisher for her novel, The Ghost Lords. First in a 4-part, globe-trotting set that will shatter modern mythology, The Ghost Lords will leave her YA readers permanently WOKE as the protagonist, Jordan, is forced to balance love against the overwhelming danger of disillusionment & discovery. 

March Twisdale’s flash fiction collection, Vashon After the Change, brutally destroys life as we know it, dragging two young teens and their friends through three years of radical change. The question of “who will survive” rapidly becomes the least of their worries, as they come face to face with humans under pressure.

March Twisdale currently lives on an island in the Puget Sound (while dreaming of another island in northern Europe) with her husband, their two sons, and a beloved Boston Terrier, Dobby, who sorely wishes Mom would get off the computer and go for a hike, already!