March Twisdale is the producer and host of two FM Radio Shows. Prose, Poetry & Purpose brings us up close and personal with acclaimed authors as they share their hopes of inspiring positive social change in the world, one reader at a time. Focus On! draws our attention to social challenges & solutions, through the multicultural lens of everyday individuals.

March Twisdale’s essays on our Political (R)Evolution are heavy on perspective and lean on excuses. March likes nothing more than to reach into a frothing pit of distractions and pull from it a crystal clear question, challenging her readers to focus on the deeply engrained flaws of our comfortably familiar social terrain. Throwing ourselves into the fight can be as bad as doing nothing, if we’re on the wrong side, and what’s a person to do if both sides served up to us…are wrong? Perhaps what we need, as George Monbiot so eloquently puts it, is an entirely new narrative?

On the fictional side of things, March Twisdale is working with an editor on her first novel, The Ghost Lords which will leave her readers permanently WOKE as her protagonist, Jordan, chooses love & engagement over fear & despair. March’s flash fiction collection, Vashon After the Change, brutally destroys life as we know it, dragging two young teens and their friends through three years of radical change. The question of “what is happening” rapidly changes to “who will survive” as they come face to face with humans under pressure.

Travel With Purpose is the best sort of travel, and a category so diverse, that everyone can join in the fun! Few would think that the “developing world” is where new & creative ideas are most easily pursued, yet it makes sense, does it not? Join us, as my son and I “work our way” across Northern Thailand, encountering the most amazing success stories ever!

March Twisdale currently lives on an island in the Puget Sound with her telecommuting husband, travel-bound sons, permaculture housemates, flock of beloved chickens, two retired & persnickety ponies, Kitty (the god) and her beloved third child, Dobby the Boston Terrier, who sorely wishes Mom would get off the computer and go for a hike, already!